Dairy Policies

  • The success of the dairy industry and dairy farmers is critically important to the pizza industry as approximately 25% of the cheese produced in the U.S. ends up on a pizza.
  • Cheese is also around a third of the cost of a pizza and our highest food cost.
  • We recognize that a reform is needed in the dairy industry to provide a safety net for farmers and help reduce price volatility in dairy markets without limiting the growth of the dairy industry.
  • We want a well-functioning, productive, and free-market dairy supply. We oppose supply management regulations that could limit the growth and health of the U.S. dairy industry.
  • Please oppose programs that would limit U.S. milk production supplies, like the Dairy Market Stabilization Program in the Dairy Security Act and Rural Economic Farm and Ranch Sustainability and Hunger Act.
  • Please support H.R. 1741, The Dairy Freedom Act, to establish a safety net and insurance program for dairy farmers without mandating that they participate in a new government dairy supply management program that could limit the growth and productivity of the U.S. dairy industry.

The House Drops Dairy Supply Management from Farm Bill
National Restaurant Association | June 20, 2013

The House of Representatives on June 20, 2013 voted overwhelmingly to adopt an American Pizza Community-supported amendment to the farm bill to provide security to dairy farmers without mandating participation in a federal dairy supply-management program that would have artificially inflated prices, leading to increased costs for pizza store owners and consumers. Representatives adopted the Goodlatte-Scott amendment by a vote of 291-135.

To see how your representative voted, click here: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2013/roll278.xml

Food Industry Rallies Behind Dairy Freedom Act
Progressive Grocer | May 1, 2013

Retailer groups, food manufacturers and restaurants have voiced their support for the Dairy Freedom Act in a letter to the bill’s authors, Representatives Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and David Scott (D-GA). The bill would offer the safety net of margin insurance for dairy farmers without forcing them to participate in a supply management program, a provision included in the dairy section of last year’s Senate and House Agriculture Committee Farm Bills.